Paint treatments & impregnation

Treating your summerhouse, log cabin or gazebo

We recommend treating your summerhouse before assembly, both on the inside and the outside, to ensure that it is protected against all weather conditions. If you would prefer not to do this yourself we will be happy to do it for you.

Impregnating the timber with an appropriate treatment is highly recommended before covering it with either paint or stain. A moisture-regulating paint that is durable, elastic and allows the wood to breathe should be used. You should also consider using a paint that offers UV-radiation protection. Never use a varnish or clear stain on the outside.

We supply our products untreated unless directed otherwise. It is possible for Woodpro to pre-treat your product before delivering it to you. We will use a high-quality and environmentally friendly product to pre-treat your building. Below you will see all the different options you can choose from.

Woodpro pressure treatment

Pressure treatment is possible for the garages, log cabins and gazebos built using our log-cabin construction system. Pressure treating involves loading the wood into a sealed treatment vessel, adding a fluid that contains an anti-fungal agent and a pesticide, and pressurising the vessel, forcing the fluid into the wood.

This impregnation method creates a brown finish. With pressure-treated wood the colour will eventually fade to a grey, so you don’t have to treat or paint it again. If you don’t like the grey colour it can easily be painted over. After the wood has been pressure treated there may be a residual amount of swelling and consequently the joints may be tighter during fitting. Cracks and splits are more prevalent with pressure-treated wood but this is natural.

Woodpro sprayed impregnation

We recommend that you treat your log cabin with a sprayed impregnation treatment which provides an undercoat for both the inside and outside of the building. This treatment will protect your summerhouse from fungi and rotting and also against UV-radiation and various weather conditions. As the undercoat is applied prior to assembly, all the nooks and crannies that are normally difficult to reach will already have a protective coating. For this spray treatment there is a choice of five translucent colours: colourless, white, graphite, brown and light grey.

Prefer not to have to paint it yourself? Then have your garage or log cabin pre-treated in our factory, saving you the hassle. The structure will then be protected for the first six to twelve months and after that you will only need to paint the outer surface.



Woodpro treatment of doors and windows

Sprayed impregnation

Woodpro can also spray-impregnate your windows and doors as a pre-treatment. Here you can choose from five different colour options: colourless, white, graphite, brown and light grey. To prevent rotting and fungal problems it is necessary to paint or stain your doors and windows within a year of pre-treatment. It is important to stain the top, bottom and sides of doors as well.


Of course, your doors and windows can be delivered already painted. They will be spray impregnated twice before being painted in order to protect them from all weather conditions. This will protect your doors and windows for five to six years.

Which paint treatment or impregnation option would you prefer? Let us know when ordering your gazebo, log cabin or garage. Discover our unique 3D-configurator and design your own or browse through our wide range of standard garages, log cabins and gazebos.