Your own pavilion

Building your own pavilion isn’t that difficult. Many people think that they can’t do it or that it is far to difficult that they don’t even want to try it. Woodpro is the market leader in both the Netherlands and the UK. We offer great products and many benefits.

With the many product options at Woodpro you will be busy for a long time before you have got the right pavilion.  With our 3D-configurater you can create your own design and then send us your rawing.

Woodpro Pavilion P83 – a great products of exceptional quality. Easy to build without the use of nails or screws. Luxury Woodpro Pavilion P897 - made of highest quality timber with water-resistant corner connections. Woodpro Pavilion P891 with a metal roof finishing - very stable and easy to assemble.

You will build your pavilion easily yet sturdy

Because of the easy material Woodpro uses many people will succeed in building there own pavilion. We have got first class quality woord, high wind and water resisitance and un unique 3=1 prima system! logotype - first class quality wood. logotype - high wind and water resistance. logotype - unique 3=1 Prima system.

Because of the easy ways you could build your own paviolion many people choose this choice. But if you don’t want to build it yourself. You could always contact one of our dealers to install it in your garden or contact us and we will send a dealer towards you.