Top 10 most popular products

Perhaps you already have your eye on a summerhouse, gazebo or log cabin? With our bespoke design facility, the design options are endless. To make it even easier, our top ten most popular products are shown below. You may immediately see something that catches your eye. If so, you can make your way to a Woodpro-dealer in your area to see the quality of our products for yourself.

1. Log cabin 25188

This model is popular with many customers. The design is modern and timeless. The large covered area is great for relaxing. In the closed area of 4.3 m², everything that’s not used, such as bikes, extra garden furniture or the barbecue, can be stored. The posts with braces and pedestals give this summerhouse a certain allure. The dimensions of Prima Jake are 300 x 600 cm.

2. Log cabin 25150

Enjoy the long summer days on this modern 9 m² gazebo. If it’s warm outside, here you can find a place in the shade. The walls made of top quality sprucewood will screen you from the wind. This gazebo will quickly turn into the centre-point of your garden.

3. Log cabin 25402

This veranda with storage was developed in 2016. It has a rural and yet modern look. This best-seller is 622 x 336 cm and can be assembled easily using our pro-system. How about a long hammock under the overhang? You can use the adjoining space as you like, depending on the seasons and the weather. You could use it to store garden equipment, or as a storage area for chairs and your hammock.

4. Log cabin 25107

Alabama is an all-time favourite. This medium-sized, stylish log cabin with a pitched roof covers 12 square metres. The walls are 44 mm thick but you could also opt for 68 mm. The large windows and double doors offer a great view of your garden from inside. The log cabin structure creates corner connections with outstanding wind and water resistance. Ideal for use as a hobby room or home office.

5. Log cabin 25350

One of our most recent designs and a real all-rounder. This summerhouse has a large indoor area with a sliding door giving you direct access to the veranda. Springfield has windows with ventilation grilles. The solid posts of 14 x 14 cm gives the design a robust appearance. Maybe you already have ideas for the interior?

6. Log cabin 25430

Log cabin or second home? This is the first question from many people who see this luxurious log cabin with windows and doors. This spacious cabin covers 34.4 m² and can be set up according to your requirements. Whether, just like one of our other customers, you would like to set up Daisy as a hairdressing salon, or use it as a ‘second home’, this log cabin offers endless possibilities.

A guest room, studio or games area with table-football, gaming space and dartboard? Anything is possible. The log cabin structure guarantees corner connections with outstanding wind and water resistance.

7. Log cabin 26453

A ‘golden-oldie’ which is still going strong. That is the ideal description for this rounded design with a pyramid roof. You can do what you like with this timeless design. Crossbars in the windows and doors give this pentagonal design a classic look. It covers 5.3 m².

8. Log cabin 26156

With a surface area of around 13 m², this open pavilions offers sufficient space for summer evenings with friends, or a peaceful, romantic evening with your partner. The classic and contemporary design turns this pavilion into a genuine garden highlight.

9. Log cabin 26193

Garage Colorado is a charming garage with a double garage door, two windows and a single door. It covers an area of 15 m² and offers 39 m³ in storage space. This makes the garage, with a pitched roof, large enough for storing garden equipment, for example. How about having this garage pressure-treated before delivery? Then you won’t have to maintain it!

10. Log cabin 25155

This summerhouse is a real eye-catcher. It has a large double-door and two windows with ventilation grilles. All of this glass makes the summerhouse an ideal studio, hobby space or home office. The fact that this rounded summerhouse is pentagonal often goes unnoticed until your second glance. This means it fits into a potentially unused corner in your garden and doesn’t take up too much space. PMX03 covers an area of 9 m².

Did you find the garden building of your dreams among our 10 most popular products? If not, take a look through our amazing range of summerhouses, pavilions and gazebos or design your own with our unique 3D-configurator!