10x8 summer house

Summer houses get more and more popular. Have you also dreamed of having your own summer house in your garden and know how big you want it to be? Read further and get to know us.

At Woodpro we have been building summer houses for over 40 years, ensuring the best quality for the best price. Your 10 x 8 summer house is made of the best wood. The wood that we use at Woodpro comes from trees that grow in the northern countries of Europe. In these countries the climate is much colder, and because of the cold climate the trees don’t grow that fast. Since the trees grow more slowly, the annual rings are more finely spaced and this gives the wood a very strong, high-quality structure.

10×8 Summer house in your garden

If you use our 3D configurator, you can see your 10×8 summer house in 3D and you can also visualise what it will look like in your garden. First you have to choose your product – do you want a log cabin, garage or gazebo. So to begin with you have to think about what the purpose of your 10 x 8 summer house will be. When you have chosen your product, you can add the dimensions. You can build a 10×8 summer house or a 8×10 summer house. Design the summer house you would like the most.

After you have decided on the dimensions you can design further – it’s time to choose your roof. You have two options: a flat roof or an apex roof. Now you can see what your 10×8 summer house will look like and it’s time to add some details. Do you want windows and doors in it? Do you want a single or double door, or maybe a garage door? We have casement windows and tilt-and-turn windows. You can choose between the two kinds of windows and you can put them where you want.

When you have your doors and windows in place in your 10×8 summer house, you can now choose what colour you want to give it. We have different colours to choose from. It’s possible to build a 10×8 corner summer house so you keep the rest of the garden free.

Standard 10×8 summer house

On our website we also have some standard summer house 10×8 models – take a look. If you see a standard summer house, but it’s not listed as available in the 10×8 size, we can design it for you. Or you can ask a dealer in your area – they are ready to help you.

The benefits of Woodpro

When you choose to buy your 10×8 summer house from Woodpro you get a lot of benefits; for example good value for money, a top-quality building system, free skirting boards for internal floors. The design drawings are also specially made for your 10×8 summer house. In the UK, we deliver your 10×8 summer house for free. You always get a 5-year guarantee covering manufacturing or construction faults, in addition to even more benefits.

Frequently asked questions

The wood that Woodpro uses comes from the northern European countries where the climate is a lot cooler than here in the Netherlands. The low temperatures ensure that the wood gets a high quality.