10x6 summer house

If you want to buy a 10x6 summer house, don’t look any further. Woodpro has many options for your summer house. Maybe you want a summer house with a flat roof or an apex roof, your summer house has to be grey, white or colourless, you want a garage door and two windows, or maybe just one window.

The possibilities for your 10x6 summer house are endless, and you can build the summer house of your dreams. But if you are not creative, or you can’t manage working with our 3D configurator, no problem; the only thing you have to do is contact a dealer in your region and they can help you with everything. It’s also possible to visit the dealer so you also can see and feel the quality of our wood.

The wood for your 10×6 summer house

If you are wondering what kind of wood we use for your 6×10 summer house, we shall explain. The wood we use is very stable and strong, because the timber has annual growth rings that are close together. This is caused by the cold climate where the trees grow. We use special drying rooms to minimise shrinking of the wood. All the wood we produce that is used for summer houses is also cut by us to make sure it all fits together perfectly.

Before you build your 10×6 summer house in your garden, we recommend you pre-treat your summer house against all weather conditions, because once it’s been built you can no longer reach all the nooks and crannies.

You can pre-treat your summer house yourself or Woodpro can do it for you. We have two different ways to pre-treat your 10×6 summer house. One treatment is a pressure treatment, which is possible with a log-cabin construction system. We place the wood in a sealed vessel with a fluid that contains an antifungal agent and pesticide. The moisture is pressed into the wood via increasing pressure in the boiler. This treatment gives the wood a brown colour, then after a while the wood turns grey, so you don’t have to treat it with paint. However, it is possible to give your summer house the colour you want.

Another treatment that we use is a spray impregnation. This spray treatment gives your summer house an undercoat on the inside and outside. It protects your summer house against UV radiation, fungi and rot. You can choose between five different colours for this kind of treatment: colourless, white, graphite, brown and light grey.

Woodpro can also treat your window frames and doors with spray impregnation and we can already paint your window frames and doors. This way you don’t have to treat them for the next five to six years.

Contact us

If you have a question or you want to know more about Woodpro, you are free to give us a call or email us. Our dealers are also happy to help you with any questions you have about your 10×6 summer house. You can download our online catalogue for more ideas, information and tips.

Frequently asked questions

We do not build our houses. We work with dealers in the United Kingdom where you can also view our houses. In many cases, they can take the assembly work off your hands by offering an assembly service or advising an assembly company.