Porch with glass – a veranda with glass wall for maximum shelter

A porch offers protection from bad weather, but that’s even more true for a porch with a glass wall. Aside from the roof which protects against rain and the heat from the sun, the glass wall protects against the wind and cold.

Such a veranda is available as part of the veranda selection of Woodpro. We are the market leader in wooden garden structures in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. We have a wide variety of porches, and we also offer the possibility of designing your own porch.

The benefits of a glass wall in your porch

The roof of your porch will keep you dry and will keep you out of direct hot sunlight. But the cold air can still be unpleasant, as well as strong winds. A porch with a glass sliding wall will shield you from the cold and from heavy winds. And when it’s not cold and the wind is calm, you simply slide open the glass wall.

The glass in your porch also provides insulation. If you have heating on your porch, it will be more effective with the glass wall closed. Glass walls and windows in Woodpro products are always double glazed, for effective insulation and extra strength. The extra strength provides the necessary safety for when you have children playing on your porch.

Woodpro porch with glass AM44 with a flat roof, many posts, plinths and balustrades. Woodpro porch AW20. A classic style low roof veranda with with glass walls. Woodpro porch AE25 with sloping roof and balustrade. Porch glass for protection against wind and rain.

Bespoke design is a possibility at Woodpro

It’s possible that our porch models with glass walls don’t suit your needs, but that you still want glass in your veranda. Not to worry, because Woodpro offers the possibility of bespoke design. You can easily modify a porch design, or create a completely new design. For this we provide you with an easy to use 3D-configurator. You can use this tool within our website on any desktop computer or laptop. Alternatively, you can use the bespoke design form and get a free price quote.

Bespoke design doesn’t come with a higher price tag at Woodpro. The price is dependent on the materials and the quantity thereof. Whether you’re buying a standard porch or we’re building a custom porch for you has no bearing on the price.

Excellent material quality

Woodpro porches are made from high quality timber, which is environmentally consciously harvested. We replant trees for every tree we cut. Our verandas are constructed without nails and screws. Our patented connections are very solid and allow for natural movement in the timber.

You can build your porch yourself and install the glass wall. Alternatively, one of our dealers can do the construction for you. During the ordering process you can specify your wish for a free quote on the price of porch construction.

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Why choose a porch with a glass wall at Woodpro?

  • The roof of the porch shelters you from sun and rain
  • The glass wall protects you from strong winds and cold temperatures
  • The double glazing provides effective insulation
  • Made from high quality timber from northern countries
  • Our timber suppliers are PEFC and FSC certified
  • Excellent quality of materials
  • Bespoke design possible
  • No extra charge for custom designs
  • Delivery is free of charge
  • Build your porch yourself or let us do the construction

Stay sheltered in your garden during all seasons with a porch with a glass wall by Woodpro. Please contact us or your local Woodpro dealer if you need further information.