Porch city – an oasis of relaxation in your city home

A porch attached to your city home provides a welcome bit of relaxation among the busy city life. Do you have a garden with the available space to construct a porch? Then Woodpro has just the right veranda for your needs. You can choose from several standard models, or modify a standard porch to fit your needs. Our wooden porches are made of premium timber and other materials of excellent quality. Another piece of good news is that there are no extra costs for bespoke designs. This means designing your own porch will not increase the price.

The benefits of a porch at your city home

On the subject of porches, many people associate them with homes in the country. They do not realise that a porch also has advantages in the city. In the busy city life it’s all the more important to have a place to relax in your garden. A porch will filter out the city noise to a significant degree. Also, you’ll be protected from the rain and hot sunlight.

Do you wish to drown out the noises most effectively and also protect yourself from the cold and from strong winds? Woodpro offers a porch for your city home with a sliding glass wall. You’ll be able to create your own little quiet relaxation spot in the middle of the city.

Woodpro classic style city porch AE25. Bespoke design porch for maximum protection from sun and rain. Woodpro porch AW20 for a city home. Modern design veranda with a flat roof and balustrades. Woodpro city porch AM44 with a flat roof made of premium timber and other materials of excellent quality.

A porch with a custom design at no extra cost

City gardens are often smaller in size than those in rural areas. It’s possible that the verandas we offer are too large for the available space. Or you’d like a different design than our standard models, a design better suited to your needs. Woodpro offers bespoke porch design at no extra costs. We help you along to design your own porch, with a user-friendly 3D-configurator. You can use this tool on our website on any desktop computer or laptop. You can find the instructions elsewhere on this site. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or your local Woodpro dealer.

Create a well-deserved relaxation space in the busy city with a Woodpro porch!