Pavilion roof, quality from the bottom to the top

No matter how great your pavilion is, you need a roof to match the overall quality. With a pavilion you have every option to fully enjoy your garden. And of course you’ll discover the most beautiful and luxurious designs at Woodpro. We offer more than just eye-candy. Our products are as beautiful as they are of great quality. We give you the choice out of many standard products, which are all customizable. Or you can design your own pavilion. You can do this by sending us your drawing and specifications or you can use our 3D-configurator. Whatever your choice will be, we offer you top quality on every aspect. That includes the pavilion roof, a major and important part.

We are the market leader in the UK and the Netherlands for a reason

Since 1978 we have been slowly building a company known for its high-quality products, which are beautiful and practical. These products are available for fair prices. We strive for the satisfaction of our customers and consider this our number one priority.

Like all our products, our pavilions are available from a standard line or you can design your own. Regardless of your choice, there are certain aspects you can always expect from us. We deliver nothing but the finest quality, both in the materials we use and in the fabrication. We offer our products for affordable prices. And we stand for a great customer experience.

 Woodpro low roof pavilion P81 with pyramid roof and  bitumen roof shingles. Woodpro pavilion P891 with a pyramid roof from the finest products. Woodpro pavilion P893. A classic style pavilion with pyramid roof, bitumen roof shingles and roof finishing.

Completely customizable, including the pavilion roof

We are proud of the products we fabricate. This is why we take every precaution to deliver the best quality. When it comes to the pavilion roof we offer only the finest products. Made out of bitumen, the shingles we deliver for your pavilion roof are sturdy and have a long lifespan. Of course you have a wide array of colours to choose from, and the knowledge that your pavilion roof will be strong enough to weather the elements.

When we’re talking about a bespoke design things start to get interesting. As we said before you could use our 3D-configurator or send us your own drawing. Maybe you want to discuss features not named on our site. A detachable roof for example, or a flat roof. We are always available for discussing your wishes. Simply contact us or better yet, visit your local dealer.

Woodpro pavilion P895. A timeless design pavilion with pyramid roof and Weather-vane roof finishing. Woodpro pavilion PG18 with a pyramid roof. The model is supplied with bitumen roof shingles in various colors. Woodpro pavilion P897 with a well finished pyramid roof and brass roof finishing.

We deliver

Whatever it is you desire in an pavilion, we are the company for you. Any size, like for example 3 x 3 and 3 x 4, is possible. We only use the finest timber which comes from northern countries. The cold climate makes the spruce trees grow slowly, making the wood more durable and stable.

We have only scratched the surface of the possibilities we offer. From the pavilion roof to the base we offer the finest in quality and appearance.

For questions you can call us, e-mail us or use our website to find the closest dealer near you.