Insulate your garage – Woodpro garages offer plenty of options for effective insulation

If you’re spending a lot of time in your garage, you can insulate your garage for a more pleasant stay. People who are using their garage to work with their tools or tinker with their car don’t like working in the cold. Heat from a small heater helps a little, but will quickly dissipate through the garage wall, roof and floor. At the same time, the cold from outside easily enters the garage. You will get cold hands while working and will need to wear a warm coat.

With Woodpro garages, all of this isn’t necessary. The first reason is that our garages are built solidly. When constructed correctly, there aren’t any cold seams and cracks through which the cold can enter the garage. And you can easily insulate your Woodpro garage, because they are designed with the possibility of insulation in mind. On our website, we offer tips to effectively insulate your garage. You can also always contact us if you need specific information on the topic of effective garage insulation.

Choose your perfect Woodpro garage

Before thinking of insulation, it’s wise to make a choice about which Woodpro garage to purchase. We offer garages with room for one or two cars. Please note that the smallest garages we offer don’t leave much room to work once you’ve stored your car there. There’s not much use for insulating such a garage.

If you need a lot of space for tools and to work in, you might consider buying a garage for two cars if you only have one car. The remaining space can be used for working and storing tools, lawn furniture, bicycles or garden equipment.

There are also garages with an attached summerhouse. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the summerhouse, insulation will definitely benefit you. Even during cold weather you can comfortably reside in your summerhouse.

Bespoke design possible at no extra cost

Woodpro understands that people have different wishes when it comes to garages. We try to accommodate as many of those wishes as possible in our standard selection of garages. However, if we don’t offer what you’re looking for, you can design your own garage and insulate it afterwards. On our website you can find our 3D-configurator. With this tool, you can modify a garage design, or design one yourself from a basic template. This tool can be used on desktop computers and laptops.

You can also request a quote for bespoke design. The price is dependent on the materials and the quantities needed to build your garage. We do not charge any extra costs for bespoke garage design.

The standard insulation properties of a Woodpro garage

On the subject of insulation, a Woodpro garage comes with attractive insulation properties. For example, the wood is very solid and is several centimetres thick. Our patented corner connections prevent any cracks through which air can enter. All the windows are of the HR++ double glazing variety with a 1.1 insulation value. These are excellent foundations upon which to further insulate your garage.

Options to insulate your Woodpro garage

Woodpro garden structures are designed with insulation in mind. We provide you with the means to easily insulate your garage. You can insulate the garage floor, garage wall and garage roof. The garage door has double glazed windows which effectively keep out the heat.

The roof can be insulated with 4cm thick panels made from environmentally friendly materials. With apex roofs, the insulation is applied between the shingles and roof panelling. For a garage with a flat roof, you can apply the insulation panels on the inside of the garage. You can order an extra ceiling to hide the insulation panels from view.

Floor insulation consists of 4 cm thick thermal plates. They can be easily placed between the floor beams. Wall insulation is 3 cm thick and will be hidden from view by an extra inner wall. logotype - Roof and/or floor insulation possible. logotype - double wall and insulation available. logotype - High quality 1.1 u-value double glazing.

Let a Woodpro dealer insulate your garage

You can insulate a Woodpro garage yourself. But does building and insulating your garage seem too daunting a task for you? A professional at a Woodpro dealer can do the construction and apply the insulation for you. You can get a free quote on the website which will tell you the cost of construction and insulation by a Woodpro dealer. It’s also possible for us to treat and paint the wood of your garage for you.

You can decide how much you want to do yourself and how much you want a Woodpro dealer to do for you. You will receive clear instructions on the parts you wish to do yourself. You can always contact your dealer if you need further information.

The advantages of Woodpro garages and their insulation

Choosing a Woodpro garage comes with, among other things, the following benefits:

  • Many different garages to choose from
  • You can choose a garage with plenty of space for working or storage
  • Also available: a garage with carport, summerhouse and/or patio
  • Choose a standard model or design your own garage
  • No extra charge for bespoke design
  • Premium quality timber from PEFC and FSC certified sources
  • Thick timber walls and double glazing provide good insulation properties
  • A Woodpro garage is easy to insulate
  • We provide you with floor, wall and roof insulation options
  • You can apply the insulation yourself
  • Alternatively, let a Woodpro dealer insulate your garage
  • Our insulating materials are friendly to the environment

Please contact us with questions, or find a local Woodpro dealer

Do you have any questions about Woodpro garages or how to insulate a Woodpro garage? You can contact us by filling out the contact form on our website. You can also use our site to find a Woodpro dealer near your location. They can advise you about our products or effective insulation. They can also tell you about the possibilities of letting them do the insulating for you.

A well-insulated garage that offers a pleasant working environment in every season is offered to you by Woodpro, market leader in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.