Checklist for buying a garden building

What should you look for when buying a summerhouse?

Would you like a wooden summerhouse? And do you want it to last a long time? Then you are advised to check a few specific areas. It is also important to see which items are included in the price. Woodpro has set out the focus areas for you below.

Would you like a…

  • standard model or bespoke design? At Woodpro, you can have either. Our dealers will be happy to create a design for you. You can even design your own summerhouse using our 3D-configurator.
  • summerhouse or log cabin? A summerhouse has tight corners. A log cabin has overlapping corner connections (interlocking corner systems)
  • specific shaped summerhouse: octagonal, pentagonal, pyramid (square or rectangular) or oval?
  • pitched or flat roof?
  • summerhouse with a veranda, gazebo or canopy?

 Take note of the following

  • The thickness of the timber. At Woodpro you can choose from 28 and 44 mm for summerhouses. And 28, 44 or 68 mm for log cabins.
  • The quality of the timber. Woodpro uses first-class, dried spruce from northern countries.
  • The quality of the doors and windows. Woodpro uses sturdy, laminated doors (this prevents warping). Our doors are 56 mm thick. Doors and windows are equipped with drainage holes. We also use split hinges so that the doors can be set easily.
  • Is there a lock on the doors? Woodpro doors are fitted with a 3-point security locking system (hallmark).
  • Single or double glazing. Woodpro summerhouses and log cabins come with high quality double glazed sealed units as standard, included in the price.

Also consider

  • Is the summerhouse easy to build? The walls of the Woodpro summerhouses can be built without nails or screws but are very strong and stable. Our systems mean construction is quick and easy.
  • What colour roof shingles would you like? At Woodpro you can choose between: black, red, green, brown or blue. These are included in the price!
  • Log cabins ideally have a ridge cover made of metal. This is standard at Woodpro.
  • Summerhouses with a pyramid roof can have a metal cover. With a ball (chrome or brass), weather-vane or weather-witch. At Woodpro, this is included in the price.
  • The interior of the roofs could be beautifully finished with a decorative wooden knob. Even this is standard at Woodpro.


  • Would you like windows with crossbars or with a large viewing area? At Woodpro you can choose from various types of windows.
  • Are the crossbars easy to remove from the windows? For example, if you want to clean the windows. Crossbars have a simple click in clip system. Very handy for painting and cleaning.
  • Are the windows carefully sealed with silicon? This is always the case with Woodpro windows.
  • Are door sills fitted with an aluminium strip? And are doors fitted with a useful draught strip? Even this is standard at Woodpro.
  • Is the summerhouse or log cabin delivered free of charge? At Woodpro, delivery is included in the price for UK mainland.

Or do you want a few extras:

  • Would you like chrome or brass sprung handle on your doors? At Woodpro this is included in the price. The choice is yours.
  • Would you like a summerhouse in a wooden finish or with a colour? We would advise treating the timber for a robust finish. You can do that yourself or let us do it. We can also pre-treat and/or paint windows and doors.
  • If your summerhouse or log cabin is used as a living area, we advise you to insulate it. Woodpro offers roof, wall and floor insulation.

Design it yourself

Do you want to turn your dream summerhouse into a reality? With our unique 3D-configurator, designing your dream summerhouse, log cabin, gazebo, garage or carport and viewing it from every angle, is as easy as 1-2-3. Many years of experience in bespoke design and quality improvements means that you can see how your creation would look in your garden before you’ve ordered a thing.

More information

Would you like to buy a summerhouse or pavilion? Take a look at our comprehensive range of summerhouses and pavilions on this website. Woodpro has been manufacturing wooden summerhouses, log cabins, gazebos, wooden garages, pavilions and carports for over 38 years. We offer high quality and an all-in price with a range of free advantages.

For more information or advice please find the nearest dealer in your area with our dealer-locator. They will be pleased to help and advise you!