Garage with a high quality roof

A high quality garage should come with a high quality roof. And of course that is what we at Woodpro offer you. Our garages are built either by our own standard designs or bespoke, as designed by you. This means you get to decide every aspect of your new garage, within the possibilities. That is including the garage roof. Take for example a flat roof. This comes inclusive with an EPDM kit.

The same could be said about our other options for your garage roof. An apex roof comes with many different options. You have many choices when it comes to the colour of your shingles. These shingles are made of bitumen, a material of great quality. Whatever the case may be, we offer you a complete package. With a quality like this you don’t have to worry of having to replace or renew your roof.

Discover our standard garages or choose a bespoke design

At Woodpro we offer you many options when it comes to garages, log cabins, pavilions and much more. What makes us different is our great quality and many options for customization. Even when it comes to service we have the lead over the competition. Make use of our 3D-configurator and create your own garage, especially for you. Discover the many options we give you. Whether it’s about the products we offer or the services we can give you, when you’re dealing with Woodpro you’re dealing with great quality and fair costs.