Carport at your house – easily build your Woodpro carport against your home

A carport next to your house or directly against your house has certain benefits. Your car is within reach and at the same time protected against the weather elements. You can easily build a Woodpro carport at your home yourself. The distance between your home and the carport is of no importance when building your carport.

Choose your ideal carport, with or without a garage

A carport at your house can be a stand-alone model or it can have a garage attached to it. Woodpro offers both possibilities in multiple variations. It’s possible that a loose carport can be built on your existing driveway, requiring no extra space. Of course, if you do have extra space available, you might consider the advantages of a garage. You can store your car behind locked doors. Or you can use the garage to store tools, garden equipment or lawn furniture.

Woodpro carport C1 with a flat roof and without a garage. Woodpro carport C2 with apex roof - perfect for limited space. Woodpro apex roof carport PS11 with a garage.

A carport at your house, built to your exact specifications

It’s possible that you have limited space in which to build a carport aside your house. Possibly the existing models in our selection might have the wrong dimensions. That’s no reason to worry, however. Woodpro provides you with the possibility of designing precisely the carport you want.

With our 3D-configurator or the bespoke design form you can design a carport to your exact specifications. What the dimensions should be is your choice, just as the decision to add a garage to your carport or not. We give you the tools to design your own garden and driveway buildings. We will then build your creation to your exact specifications. There is no extra charge for bespoke design.

Choose a Woodpro carport for your house and protect your car for many years in a luxurious fashion.