Build the perfect double garage

A double garage has many advantages. Because of the great amount of space, you can store many things at the same time such as cars, electric bikes and campers. And at the same time, you can store other equipment such as your lawn mower, tools and garden furniture. When you decide to build this type of building, we understand you only want a premium-quality structure. Of course you want to keep your valuable belongings save and well-stored. That’s why you should choose the high-quality garages of Woodpro. At Woodpro we offer double garages made from high-quality wood, against the best possible price. In our collection you will always find the perfect double garage that meets all your requirements and wishes!

The advantages of a double garage

There are many reason why you wish to build a double garage. For instance, do you want to build a wooden garage to store your car, camper and boat? Then you might need a double garage, when you want to store them all at the same time. This structure offers more room than a standard garage, which greatly improves the space you can use to store your belongings. All seasons you can enjoy the advantages of a double garage. In the winter you never have to worry anymore about scraping the ice of your car windows. And during the summer you won’t step into an extremely warm car anymore, since you can park your car comfortably under a roof.

During every season the garage will protect your belongings against weather and wind. So even when you want to protect your electric bike, expensive tools or garden furniture all year long: a double garage does this job perfectly. A double garage is a perfect replacement for a smaller garden shed or log cabin.

Why choose wood?

It is cheaper to build a wooden double garage than a brick garage. Are you on a tight budget when building a new garage? Then the wooden constructions of Woodpro are the perfect option. Building a double garage made from wood also has several other advantages. For instance, it is relatively easy to get a building permit when you want to build a wooden garage, compared to a brick garage. This makes it possible to start building the double garage of your dreams much earlier. Do you want to know more about all advantages? Then contact Woodpro. Our dealers know everything about the newest developments within the sector. We do everything we can to build the double garage of your dreams, against a low price.

Premium-quality by Woodpro

Woodpro only uses wood from northern regions with a cold climate. Because it is often ice cold in these areas, the threes grow much slower. This results in thinner growth-rings inside the trees and much more firm wood. We use this top-quality wood to produce the double garage that meets all your requirements. Do you prefer a modern double garage with a carport? Or do you prefer a wooden garage with isolated walls and an extra floor? It is all possible at Woodpro. Furthermore, we do everything we can to improve sustainability. It is possible to recycle all of our products, and we use residual wood for other projects.

Many years of experience

Woodpro has many years of experience with building double garages. Since 1978 we build wooden garages of the highest quality. We have full control on the complete production and assembly process. This has many advantages. Because of this, not only can we reassure we only use high-quality products. We also can deliver these high-quality products against a very low price. Even the accessories we use are of the best quality. Whether you choose for optional windows, locks or shingles: every item we use has a premium look and feel.

Design your custom-made double garage

Do you know exactly how your double garage should look like? Then Woodpro has something special in store for you: the 3D-configurator. With this tool you can adjust almost each element of a garage. Simply start working with our 3D-confirgurator and design the wooden double garage of your dreams. Need some inspiration when designing a garage? Check out our brochure which is filled with our newest collection. Our call or e-mail the dealers of Woodpro. We gladly help you find the double garage that meets all your wishes and preferences.

Choose your favorite double garage

Rather choose a pre-designed double garage from our collection? Of course that is also not a problem at Woodpro. We have a wide range of garages in our collection in many different styles. Simply use our filter to fill in your requirements and find out your perfect garage. Woodpro can assemble all garages on your preferred location. Or DIY and simply use the clear assembly manual we deliver with our wooden garages. Without a doubt you’ll find the double garage of your dreams at Woodpro.

Cheap and premium-quality double garages

Stop looking for other suppliers of double garages. Woodpro has everything you need. Design the garage with our 3D-configurator. Or simply find the perfect garage in our extensive collection. Do you have any questions or do you need help? You can always contact Woodpro via email, telephone or social media. Our dealers are here to help you find the premium-quality garage of your wishes. So quickly contact us and buy a double garage at Woodpro!