Build a pavilion

Build your own pavilion easily and with a guarantee of success. At Woodpro you’ll discover an amazing array of different pavilions, among many other garden products. We are the marker leader in both the UK and the Netherlands, with good reason. Not only do we offer you great products of exceptional quality, we also offer you these products for affordable prices and in combination with great service. Make your choice out of our line of pavilions.

Discover beautiful designs and luxurious object which will complete your garden. Choose a standard pavilion and customize it to your wishes, or design your own. You can use our 3D-configurater or send us your design drawing. Best of all, you will be able to easily build your own pavilion, using no screws or nails.

Woodpro Pavilion P83 – a great products of exceptional quality. Easy to build without the use of nails or screws. Luxury Woodpro Pavilion P897 - made of highest quality timber with water-resistant corner connections. Woodpro Pavilion P891 with a metal roof finishing - very stable and easy to assemble.

You will build your pavilion easily yet sturdy

For many people it seems an impossible challenge to make yourself a pavilion. However the way we create the different building materials for your pavilion ensures most people will have no trouble at all building their pavilion. logotype - first class quality wood. logotype - high wind and water resistance. logotype - unique 3=1 Prima system.

The way we process the timber makes it possible to build the pavilion without use of nails or screws. Don’t worry though, our products are resilient to even the strongest of winds. And partly thanks to the Woodpro corner connections our pavilions are completely water resistant. We’ll make sure to send clear and easy-to-use instructions. Still not comfortable building it yourself? Not a problem, our dealers offer the option to construct it for you for an affordable price. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.