Build a garage with premium materials and clear instructions

With the right skills you can easily build a garage. For a good price you can get a Woodpro garage and build it yourself, in your garden or on your driveway. You don’t have to saw the wood yourself, and we can even paint the wood for you if you like. Choose between various standard models or design your own garage with our 3D-configurator. If you have an idea for a certain type of garage, you can design it from scratch. There are no extra costs involved with bespoke design.

With clear instructions you can build a garage yourself

To build a garage you just need to know how the materials are to be put together. Woodpro garages are built without nails and screws. Using patented connection types we provide the same stability, and allow for natural movement of the timber. At Woodpro, you’re guaranteed premium timber from certified sources. All other materials are of similarly excellent quality.

Building a Woodpro garage can be done from the instructions we provide. The whole garage can be built with basic tools, owned by most people. If you have any questions while building, please feel free to contact us, or contact your local Woodpro dealer. logotype - first class quality wood. logotype - laminated door/window.

Let a Woodpro dealer build your garage

We know that building a garage seems like a daunting undertaking for some people. For that reason, we license dealers in several countries to help you with the construction. You can request a free quote for construction costs. You’ll know beforehand what the exact price will be. Delivery of your garage materials is free of charge, by the way.

Whether you build a garage yourself or let a Woodpro dealer help you with it, you’ll benefit from the Woodpro quality for countless years.