Who is Woodpro?

Luxury in every detail

For more than 40 years, Woodpro has been designing and producing log cabins, garages, gazebos and holiday homes. Woodpro offers a wide range of designs and sizes and we have the flexibility to fulfil your individual needs. Woodpro has many dealer show sites across the United Kingdom where you can view our products. Woodpro’s headquarters are located in Laren (the Netherlands) and we are active in our domestic market as well as worldwide.

Important features

Woodpro offers both standard and bespoke products. Our bespoke design service is fairly priced. Our log cabins are of the best quality and available at an affordable price. Woodpro offers various key features free of charge, such as double glazing fitted as standard, roof shingles included, delivery (to the UK mainland) and easy assembly, amongst others. Providing a quality service is a high priority for us at Woodpro. Additionally, we offer a five-year guarantee on Woodpro products for manufacturing or construction faults.

High-quality wood

Woodpro uses high-quality spruce for our log cabins, gazebos and garages that originates from northern European countries with cold climates. The cold temperatures make the trees grow slowly, causing the growth rings to be closer together. This makes the timber more stable and durable. We also minimise timber shrinkage by using special drying rooms to kiln dry our timber to a moisture content of approximately 14%-16%.


Woodpro was founded by Bertus Wuestman. Early on in his career he worked for his father as a thatcher. Soon his customers were not only asking for thatched roofs but were also interested in buying log cabins. In 1978 Bertus developed a hut with a thatched roof and this was the beginning of the Woodpro story. Many other log cabins were to follow. Since then he has expanded the business to offer dozens of log cabin designs along with other products.

Bertus is still working for the family business. His daughter Andrea and son Thomas now run Woodpro. Since 2016 Andrea Wuestman has been the primary owner of the company. Woodpro has around 100 workers in administration and production, whose main goal is to ensure that every single customer is completely satisfied.

Woodpro founder Bertus working with material for Woodpro products
Bertus and his father in the 70s


The unique 3D-Configurator is our newest innovation for summerhouses, log cabins, gazebos and more. You can create your own dream garden building with ease and view it from any desired perspective. You no longer have to imagine what your future bespoke garden building will look like – you can experience it in 360°.

Wide range of designs

Discover how we combine luxury and innovation in our products! Order our catalogue or view it online and take a look at our extensive product line.

With a Woodpro product you own ‘Simply the Best’!

Solex trip of the Woodpro office team, summer 2015